Global Warming and the solutionse

Global Warming and the solutions


Global Warming became the most hot issue in entire the world. The effect of Global Warming is very dangerous for the environment. But, there are still a lot of people who think about the global warming as just the issue and it is never make an effect to our Earth in the future. Though, there are a lot of signs from the nature that arise as the bad effect of Global warming.

The increasing sea levels has been occured in many areas in this world. This increase happened because of the melting of the ice in the north polar. It cause of the world too hot, and make the ice in the north polar become melting. Beside of that, we can see a lot of hurricanes, thunders, and tornado in the world with easily. Global Warming make the farms get the failure and it make reduce the foods supplies.

The cause of global warming

Generally, there are a lot of reasons that can make global warming. The use of excessive fossil fuels too much because of the vehicles are increasing is the main reason. Besides that, livestock and agriculture also have contribution such as using excessive methane gas as the fertilizers.

The chemicals in fertilizers can not only damage the air lining, but also the waters, soils, and production of the food. Besides that, the reasons why global warming happen is because the factor of deforestation (land clearing) in big scale to make the public facilities, such as road, school, hospital, and another buildings.

The solutions to minimize global warming

To reduce the effect of global warming which happened, you can try to do these tips: First, choose the energy saving lamps as the lighting in your house. Energy saving lamps have more expensive than the general lamps, but the energy which is needed to light up is smaller than general lamps. Beside of that, this lamp is more durable.

Second, do not forget to turn off the lamps when they were not in use again. When paying the bills, you will choose to pay online. This method is more econimal than pay directly. You can reduce the using paper which is used as noted invoice. You can save the fuels of your vehicles because you are not need to use your vehicles as when pay directly.

Third, laptops and computer are the most things which is used in daily in every house. You should turn off this device when they are not in use too. And You can choose to do not use the screen saver to save the energy.

Fourth, when shopping, you should bring your own bag which is made from the cloth. Avoid to use plastic bags which is given by the supermarket. Plastic is a material that is difficult to be processed naturally by the environment. It took hundred years to make it decomposed.

Fifth, to have friendly environment, you can use bicycle which will good for your healthy too. In addition, you must keep the condition of tap in your house in good condition. From a lot of researches, broken taps can make the a lot of litter waters wasted in vain. Though, amount of the waters in the Earth is not much anymore. The last, always try to fill your courtyard with the trees. Tree can release oxygens which can make the air become fresh.


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